Autism Assessments

Autism Assessments Across the Lifespan

At the Brenner Center, we have outstanding mental health expertise in the specific area of psychological and neurodevelopmental assessment of children, adolescents, and adults. We have expertise in evaluating individuals across the lifespan. We are also aware of the ways in which neurodevelopmental disorders can present in males and females and take this information into account when performing our evaluations. 

We recognize that childhood is a time of transition and emerging skills. As such, it can be an anxiety-producing time for parents. Children develop at different paces, but research clearly shows that those with autism benefit greatly from early identification and intervention. Our evaluations can help rule out or identify the problems that benefit from services and make empirically supported recommendations to optimize your child’s functioning. 

Some individuals’ difficulties are not apparent until later in childhood or adolescence when the academic and social demands become too great for them to manage. Identification and intervention can benefit such individuals as they cope with the gap between their development and the development of their peers. Interventions and social skill training can help such individuals manage school and peer relationships more effectively. 

In addition, there are adults with neurodevelopmental issues that were not appropriately diagnosed in childhood. These individuals often struggle with job demands, relationships, and the daily activities of life without understanding the reasons for their difficulties. Feelings of frustration, anxiety, and depression can emerge as a result. Appropriate diagnosis can assist such individuals in better understanding themselves and meet their life goals. 

We provide written reports that are useful for parents, pediatricians, educators, early intervention service providers, and others in caregiving or professional roles. We also work collaboratively with schools and other providers. While other service providers have waitlists that can be up to a year, we can offer neurodevelopmental assessments for children with little to no wait time.

Fees and Payment

Our specialized neuropsychological evaluations are offered in two ways: on a self-pay basis, or through insurance coverage.

We accept the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beacon: Fallon Health, BMC Healthnet, Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Tufts Health Together
  • Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)

Our self-pay fee for a comprehensive autism evaluation and report (with feedback session for parents) is $3,500.

We can provide an itemized invoice documenting your payment for you to submit to your insurance if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurer; however, if you choose to pay privately, please know that you cannot be reimbursed by a plan that we otherwise accept.

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