• Brenner-Older Adults

    The Brenner Center at William James College offers neuropsychological assessment of older adults under the supervision of Dr. Jason Osher.

Assessment Programs for Adults

The Brenner Center at William James College offers a full range of adult assessment services individualized to your needs.

Our diverse range of experts in neurocognitive assessment ensures that our programs represent state-of-the-art technologies and the very best practices available today.

Adults interested in understanding their neurocognitive strengths, styles, and challenges are encouraged to explore the options outlined below.

SageMind - To Sustain and Enhance Thinking and Memory as We Age

SageMind is a state-of-the art cognitive health program designed to sustain and enhance memory and thinking as we age. Serving middle-aged and older adults, SageMind is based on the latest neurological, physical, and cognitive health research. We bring 21st century science into a focused program for optimizing memory and thinking.

Learn more about SageMind here.

Individualized Adult Assessment

The Brenner Center at William James College's Adult Assessment Program provides targeted neurocognitive evaluations addressing specific questions that you or your healthcare provider may have regarding your strengths, skills, abilities, and challenges.

For adults concerned that they are not reaching their potential, the Individualized Adult Assessment can help identify your strengths and challenges and the relationship between your specific cognitive experience and potential career options or intellectual strengths.

Individualized Adult Assessments offer clarity to adults who have questions about their neurocognitive strengths and challenges –what am I good at and where do I shine? Where are my areas of growth and challenge? How might I align my abilities with my career and financial aspirations?

The Brenner Center at William James College offers an Individualized Assessment Program to address these questions, working with you and your healthcare provider to address precisely the questions you seek concerning your abilities, capabilities, and current functioning. We will help you understand who you are and what your strengths are.

In addition, if you are struggling with emotional, relational, or other issues and would like to better understand these difficulties, obtain diagnostic clarification, or determine if you would benefit from accommodations, the Brenner Center can help. We also offer individualized test batteries to help identify areas of struggle and provide treatment recommendations.

For further information or to schedule a tailored Individual Assessment, please contact BrennerIntake@williamjames.edu for details, including referrals, costs, and details.

Adult Memory Clinic

The Brenner Center at William James College provides comprehensive evaluations for adults who are struggling with issues of memory and concentration, or who are experiencing unsettling changes in values, beliefs, or behavior.

Our experts will clarify your individual experience and identify potential neurocognitive causes of concern, including diagnosis and prognosis.

Changes in memory are common as we age–some changes are expected and merely represent normal aging. However, some changes are not part of our expected development and may indicate important health concerns.

For older adults concerned about their memory, or who are experiencing unsettling changes in their lives, the Brenner Assessment Center offers wide-ranging assessment of memory, personality, and aging.

Assessments provided by our Memory Clinic help determine whether your experience is average and expected, or whether unexpected changes in your abilities or behavior may be occurring. Our assessments help pinpoint where you may be experiencing troubles and what these difficulties may mean.

To enroll in our Memory Clinic, please call 617-327-6777 x2283.