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    Rapid Response Psychological Testing Service (RRPTS) for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

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    The Brenner Center provides a wide variety of psychological testing, and as part of its mission serves many underserved children and families at low cost.

Rapid Response Psychological Testing Service (RRPTS) for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

The Rapid Response Psychological Testing Service (RRPTS) for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults is a service located at the William James College's Brenner Center. RRPTS has outstanding mental health expertise in the specific area of psychological, educational, and neuropsychological assessment of children (generally ages 8 to 18) and young adults, for a wide variety of diagnostic, clinical, school and educational purposes. RRPTS will provide evaluations that are guided by the specific referral question(s) presented and the intended use of each resulting written report.

RRPTS can provide psychological/neurodevelopmental evaluations resulting in jargon-free written reports that are used by parents, pediatricians, educators, public and private schools, colleges, and others in caregiving or professional roles. A licensed psychologist, assisted by a PhD/PsyD Post-Doctoral Fellow, will provide the evaluations. 

An attractive feature of the evaluations offered by RRPTS is that, in most circumstances, the service will be offered at a fixed flat fee ($3,000). RRPTS maintains no wait list—we can start and report on assessments much more rapidly than most other service providers (where clients are placed on waiting lists that are typically months long—and sometimes up to a year).

There is an ever-expanding pool of requests for psychological and/or neuropsychological evaluation of children and young adults, conducted by psychologists willing and qualified to conduct top-quality evaluations in this age pool. Several of the reasons for this: 

  1. The growing requirement of private, independent schools for such testing as part of their admission process; 
  2. The increasing demand for "accommodations" in testing (SAT and ACE) (such as extra time, etc.) if there is an eligible learning disability; 
  3. The increase in the training and awareness of educators and education administrators regarding the spectrum of learning difficulties, behaviors manifested, and importance of accurate diagnosis, relating to children exhibiting problems in school; 
  4. The requirement of many private schools for a basic IQ test (the Wechsler) prior to admission;
  5. The need for assessments for determinations of "gifted" students and "twice-exceptional" students;
  6. The need for assessments to understand either the capacities or the challenges of students who are clearly not SPED eligible students.

RRPTS reports can address, in a timely and jargon-free fashion, a wide variety of questions that may be posed by a variety of referral sources. Many of these assessments will support making educational choices. These include, but are not limited to: applying to private school, applying to college, changing from one school to another, making curriculum choices based upon aptitude and learning style, and seeking accommodations afforded students with documented educational special needs. Features of RRPTS: (a) the service will be offered at a fixed flat fee; (b) the assessments will occur in a timely fashion with no "waiting list" delay and will promptly yield a written assessment report; (c) we have broad linguistic capabilities (our array of international students gives us the ability to conduct testing in up to 15 languages). 

We recognize the need for reports to be produced in a short enough time frame to truly assist children and families in educational transition. Please note that health insurance typically does not cover academic testing or assessments. We require that families pay us in full directly; they are then welcome to seek reimbursement from their insurers. We do not bill insurance companies directly, but we do provide a detailed invoice suitable for submission to the insurance company.

Our fee covers all charges up to delivery of our final report and includes a closing face to face meeting with the clients to answer any questions about the report. 

Sometimes we are asked after completing a report to attend school meeting(s), consultation sessions with teachers, caregivers, admissions officers, or therapists. The RRPTS service provides this follow-up service at an extra charge of $200 hourly.

We offer individual tests (such as the MMPI 2, or the WISC V, or the WAIS IV, or the Weschler ) at rates which range from $500 to $900.  We offer testing packages designed for specific purposes (such as a learning disorder/ADHD re-evaluation, or a new learning disorder/ADHD evaluation, or a full neuropsychological assessment, or a full neuropsychological assessment plus personality and projective testing) at rates which range from $1,500 to $3,000. 

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