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Women Veterans, the Unsung Warriors and Heroes of the Military

Women Veterans, the Unsung Warriors and Heroes of the Military

Faculty Viewpoint by Jenny D'Olympia: Think of a veteran. Whom do you see? Maybe you think of a relative, or a friend, or someone you have seen in a movie or on the news. It’s not likely that the first image that comes to mind is of a woman.

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“More than a credit on my transcript,” student shares the impact Service Learning and Cultural Immersion Program had on her

What is it like to participate in a service learning and cultural immersion program as a student at William James College? In the reflection that follows, Sadé Callwood, a fourth year Clinical PsyD student, shares how her experience in Kenya has impacted her growth and development personally and as...

Kenya Service Learning and Immersion Program Advances “The Partnership for Safe Water in the Mara,” Other Community Health Initiatives

In Kenya, 41 percent of the country’s 46 million people rely on unfiltered water sources, including the Mara River which is the single most important source of drinking water in the region. Water quality in the Mara, which traverses some 245 miles, is impacted by several factors, including animal activities,...

Medfield Schools Credit INTERFACE Services with Improved Mental Health

Medfield Public Schools is crediting the use of the William James INTERFACE Referral Service with an improvement “to the mental health and wellness of students throughout the district and beyond.” According to a recent press release, Medfield Public Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden said, “The...

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Learns to “Cultivate Care” Through Unique Internship Experience

In a typical day at her clinical mental health internship, Allison O’Connor might gather hay, clean chicken coops, feed horses or goats, collect eggs, make soap, groom bunnies

William James College Community Members Run the 2019 Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is an opportunity to celebrate the city of Boston and, for runners, a chance to tackle personal goals, raise money for charities


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