Children and Families of Adversity and Resilience (CFAR) Concentration

An important component of the CFAR program for students in the Department of School Psychology will include working in settings where they are dealing with more complicated family needs and/or challenging environmental conditions, such as: low SES, substance abuse, severe disabilities, incarcerated parents, chronic medical and/or mental illness, immigration issues, and poor access to services.

Enrollment Process

The CFAR concentration is available in the School Psychology Department as either a Major Area of Study or an Area of Emphasis, depending on the student’s program and level of interest. MA/CAGS/PsyD students have the option of pursuing CFAR as either a Major Area of Study or an Area of Emphasis and are recommended to declare their interest by the beginning of Year 2. PsyD students who are admitted with advanced standing may complete CFAR as an Area of Emphasis only and should declare their interest in Year 1. MA/CAGS students may participate in CFAR as an Area of Emphasis and can declare their interest in Year 1 or 2.

Area of Emphasis
For MA/CAGS students in School Psychology
Required MA/CAGS courses to stand in for clinical practice courses
SCH CX610 - Counseling and Psychotherapy in Schools (credits: 3) 
SCH PH501 - Preventive Mental Health in the Schools (credits: 2) 
Required CFAR course
CLI PY750 - The Ecology of Child Behavioral Health: Prevention, Intervention and Public Policy (credits: 3) 

One of the following courses
SCH SB523 - Addressing Substance Abuse in Schools (credits: 2)
 SCH FX630 - Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families (credits: 2) 
Please note: MA/CAGS students completing CFAR as an Area of Emphasis will graduate with 72 credits.

Field Placement

  • Year 1 and 2: one year in an under-served school district
  • Year 3: 50% of CAGS internship with a population with significant adversity 

CAGS Internship Portfolio

Personal Statement to include CFAR as an area of interest.

Additional Requirement

School Psychology students with an Area of Emphasis in CFAR are expected to attend monthly didactic presentations and case conferences in their first and second years. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances.

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